The Curious Case of the Boy Jones

Following her coronation in 1838, Britain's Queen Victoria was being relentlessly pursued by a strange teenager, Edward "the Boy" Jones, who had an uncanny ability to sneak into Buckingham Palace without being detected. "If he had come into my bedroom, how frightened I would have been," the Queen wrote in her journal. As a result of his multiple intrusions into Buckingham Palace, the Boy Jones became a media celebrity. Fearful that he might injure or even assassinate the Queen, or kidnap the Princess Royal, the government of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne wanted to get rid of the Boy Jones at all costs.

The Curious Case of the Boy Jones is an animated tale based on the book, "Queen Victoria's Stalker" by Jan Bondeson.

Produced & Directed by Dennis Mohr and Calvin Campbell, Written by Calvin Campbell, Art Direction & Animation by Edith Morris, Narrated & Voiced by Diarmid Mogg, Megan Valentine as The Queen, Sound Design & Mix by Charles Duchesne, Music by David Chesworth, Rule Britannia! performed by Miss Denise Erica Hewitt, Special Consultant, Jan Bondeson