FACES: The Power of the Portrait (Development)


LOGLINE A feature documentary about portrait photography as a universal and powerful expression of humanity.


SYNOPSIS Through the lens of portraiture, photographs offer a glimpse into countless human stories. FACES explores some of the wide-ranging styles of portrait photography, and asks why and how it is such a powerful and universal expression of humanity. The power of photography in all its genres is best expressed through portraiture.


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What makes portraiture so compelling, is its immediacy and accessibility — from the most sophisticated art critic to a child; from fine art, to documentary, to a “selfie” — we all know how to read a portrait. Our ability to read facial expressions and emotions is universal and intuitive, so the visual language of portraiture is accessible to everyone, transcending culture, gender, and social status. What is a portrait? What do we find in the face of a stranger? What does a portrait tell us about ourselves? About the times in which we live? About the human condition? What makes a good portrait so compelling? And, what about its future in the social media age?

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