Anton: Circling Home

Anton: Circling Home is a one-hour documentary exploring the remarkable life and work of 80-year-old, New York-based artist and pigeon-keeper, Anton van Dalen. Best known for his graphic depictions of Manhattan’s East Village, Anton’s astounding body of work is informed by the influences of war, religion, migration and nature, and his dedication to documenting the power struggles within society.

Tracing Anton’s migratory journey from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam; to his coming-of-age in Toronto, Canada; to Manhattan’s iconic East Village — where he’s lived for nearly 50 years — the film is a fascinating look at a prolific artist who continues to buck trends and defy conventional notions of aging. Moving seamlessly between past and present, it’s a touching meditation on the eternal themes of family, memory, home and belonging.

A co-production between Public Pictures and Filmsight Productions

Original Development Trailer (2019)

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