Anton: Circling Home

Logline: An octogenarian pigeon-keeper and artist bears witness to his migratory life and creative spirit while finding peace at home in New York City.

Synopsis: At 80 years old, artist and pigeon-keeper Anton van Dalen seems to have it all: a prolific career, a house in New York's East Village, a large family and a pigeon coop, where he lovingly cares for his flock of white birds. But behind the veneer is a complex story — of war, migration, family rupture and regret. Of difficult decisions in troubled times, and resentments harbored until it's too late. Exploring themes of belonging, forgiveness and future, Anton: Circling Home is a tender portrait of an artist, and a meditation on what it means to be home.

The film is distributed by Syndicado Films and broadcast on Avrotros Close Up

A co-production between Public Pictures and Filmsight Productions

Anton: Circling Home Trailer