The Curious Case of the Boy Jones is an animated short based on the book Queen Victoria's Stalker by Jan Bondeson

Following her coronation in 1838, Britain's Queen Victoria was a very frightened young woman. She was being relentlessly pursued by a strange teenager, Edward "the Boy" Jones, who had an uncanny ability to sneak into Buckingham Palace.

As a result of his multiple intrusions into Buckingham Palace, the Boy Jones became a media celebrity. His exploits were the subject of popular verse, songs, and prints and lewd newspaper speculation about what he had really seen in the young Queen's dressing room. Fearful that he might injure or even assassinate the Queen, or kidnap the Princess Royal, the government of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne wanted to get rid of the Boy Jones at all costs.

A collaboration with Fortean legend, and author, Jan Bondeson

The film is written by Calvin Campbell, narrated & voiced by Diarmid Mogg, and animated by Edie Morris. Directed by Calvin Campbell & Dennis Mohr

The Last Perfect Day is an experimental film collaboration with photo-based visual artist, William Mokrynski

The Last Perfect Day is a collaboration with photo-based visual artist, William Mokrynski. The film marks a return to avant-garde and experimental cinema - a break from traditional methods of documentary story-telling.


Working with William's original artwork, found images and sound, the film will represent an object in space - a beacon? a transmission? a portent? Origin unknown.

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