The Last Perfect Day: An experimental film collaboration with photo-based visual artist, William Mokrynski

The Last Perfect Day is a collaboration with photo-based visual artist, William Mokrynski. The film marks a return to avant-garde and experimental cinema - a break from traditional methods of documentary story-telling.


William Mokrynski


Working with William's original artwork, found images and sound, the film will represent an object in space - a beacon? a transmission? a portent? Origin unknown.


The London Monster: A documentary based on the book "The London Monster: Terror on the Streets in 1790" by Jan Bondeson

The London Monster tells the story of the hunt for an eighteenth-century sexual psychopath that created one of the first media celebrities. The story has remarkable parallels to our own time: a police force unable to find their man, a tabloid press frenzy that generated a climate of fear, and a need to convict someone at all costs.


Drawing on historical and contemporary evidence, The London Monster recounts with dry wit a tale that occupies a unique place in criminal history and imagination.


A collaboration with Fortean legend, and author, Jan Bondeson

The film is written by Calvin Campbell, and narrated & voiced by Diarmid Mogg. Directed by Dennis Mohr

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