In 1790, nearly a century before Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London, another predator held sway: a bizarre serial attacker known as the London Monster assaulted more than 50 women in the capital. Since this kind of sadistic behaviour was quite unheard-of at...


Anton: Circling Home is a one-hour documentary exploring the remarkable life and work of 80-year-old, New York-based artist and pigeon-keeper, Anton van Dalen. Best known for his graphic depictions of Manhattan’s East Village, Anton’s astounding body of work is informe...


1980s New York was a very different place to the bustling cosmopolitan tourist magnet we know now, and the neighborhood that housed the Ravenite Social Club was a far cry from the gentrified boutique strip that exists today. Yet this series of interviews with the then-...


Originally a law enforcement tool, the mugshot has deviated from its fundamental purpose as a source of criminal identification. It has been sensationalized through celebritydom, exploited by the leniency of freedom of information, and has captivated the attention of t...


Portrait photographer Mike Disfarmer captured the lives and emotions of the people of rural Arkansas during the two world wars and the Great Depression. Critics have hailed his remarkable black and white portraits as works of artistic genius. This documentary discovers...


In this feature length documentary, filmmaker Arthur Lipsett's close friend Martin Lavut documents the influence of the eccentric Oscar-nominated film genius. The world of cinema tragically lost Lipsett in 1986 when the Montreal-born artist committed suicide 2 weeks be...


"Gorgeous! Wonderful!"
- Guy Maddin, filmmaker

"You’ve performed a real service for everyone interested in Lipsett as man and artist." 
- William C. Wees, film scholar

"Do Not Look Away: The Life of Arthur Lipsett" is a 115-page biography about Arthur Lipsett, an Oscar...

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